Short-term Loans (Maximum 6 months)

We avail short-term loans in a very short time and at competitive rates.

The short-term loans are ideal for customers who want to address their short-term liquidity needs such as school fees, anniversaries, medical bills, tax obligations, asset purchase, etc.

To access short-term loans one requires submitting the following alongside the application form.

  • Bank statement of past 4 months
  • National ID, Passport or Employment ID/Voters card / Other ID
  • 2 Passport size photos
  • Employment contract/confirmation letter
  • Business licenses (for companies & trading business)

Other requirements:-

  1. Above shs 3m
    – Land title – Urban land; with value 3 times the loan amount applied for
    – Payment of search fees for land
    – Land inspection & verification (at applicant’s cost)
    – Borrower’s post dated cheques.
  2.  Between shs 1m and shs 3m
    – Vehicle Log book; with value 3 times the loan amount applied for
    – Vehicle inspection & caveating (at applicant’s cost)
    – Borrower’s post dated cheques


  • In all cases one must be recommended by a PLC director, employee, current PLC client in good books / standing or a credible employer.
  • Home/business visitation done