In September 1992 a group of students entered Makerere University Kampala to undertake the course for the award of the Bachelor of Commerce Degree. From among them emerged a dynamic and cohesive grouping aggregating regularly for the purpose of academic discussion to further and excel in their academic pursuit. Excel and graduate they did; and other things they pursued too.

From 1996 a revolving fund (cash round) was created with monthly contributions as a ‘social security net’ for members, they took the decision to organise a “fund” into which savings were deposited and irregular withdrawals made as the need arose for each member.

The first regular deposits were instituted in June 2005, thus starting an informal but well regulated “fall-back” fund for them; none has ever looked back. Up to today, the social bond forms a very important aspect of the group.

PLC, thus, has a long and deep history characterised by professionalism, mutual understanding and respect and a deep-rooted care for each other. The history points to a long future. Today, PLC is registered as two arms:

  1. PLC Fund – to perpetually take and store members’ savings and thus continually build a robust retirement package, cater for the social aspect and to be a ready financing arm for PLC Investments Ltd.
  2. PLC Investments Ltd – to conduct profitable business and create wealth for the shareholders of PLC.