What is PLC investments Limited?
PLC Investments Limited (PLC) is a limited liability company incorporated and registered in Uganda by the registrar of companies on 20th December 2006 under the Companies Act (CAP 110). PLC has been in operation for 7 years with a total of 10,000 authorized shares of which, 7,000 shares are issued with a nominal value of UGX70,000,000.

Is PLC investments limited only available in Kampala in Uganda?
Absolutely not… in fact we have clients from all around Uganda that are involved with PLC, individuals are encouraged to apply for loans online and we shall process them.

How do I apply for a PLC loan?
Call our PLC Investments Ltd offices, apply online or send an email to plc@plc-investments.com /plcinvestments1@gmail.com; our credit staff will advise you on the products available, your affordability and the best loan option for you.

Who is eligible for a PLC loan?A:
Business people and salarized employees who fulfill the necessary terms and conditions.

What is the maximum amount of money I can get?

Maximum amount is 30m/=, however for salarized employees, the maximum amount is determined by one’s affordability i.e monthly deductions cannot exceed 50% of Basic Pay.

Are there any hidden fees with PLC investments limited?
Absolutely not. The only fees required are processing fee, caveat fees, mortgage fee, Search fees for land and Car securities.

How will I receive my Loan?
You will receive your loans by either cash or wired unto your bank account as per the details given by you.

How soon can I receive my loan after the loan application has been submitted?
Provided all required documentation has been submitted, your loan can be disbursed within 1 – 2 working days.

Will I be able to see my repayment plan?
Yes you will, if you request for it.

Can I take more money if my current loan is not yet paid off?
No. You have to first clear the current loan or re-apply for a top up loan.

How do I pay back my loan?

Your monthly loan repayments are made through salary deductions effected by your Employer, and this money is remitted to PLC Investments Ltd. If your salary is not deducted, you are required to pay your monthly loan installment at our offices. Then for business loans, payments can be made anytime during working hours at our offices or banked onto our bank accounts availed to you upon request, because interest is charged on a daily basis.

If my loan has been paid off, how is the monthly deduction stopped?

Once your loan has been paid off in full, PLC will issue you a completion receipt, and your Employer will be notified by PLC to stop the monthly deduction immediately.

How do I get my refund if the deduction is not stopped on time?
To receive a refund:

  1. You may visit our office to collect the first refund with proof showing completion of payment
  2. You also have the option to allow PLC to deposit your refund directly into your bank account until such a time when the deduction has been stopped. PLC is committed to working with the respective Employers to ensure that deductions are stopped in a timely manner.

How are your loans priced?
PLC loans are priced by incorporating all fees payable into a monthly installment over a specified number of months. This allows a client to easily determine the repay value of the loan that they will receive by multiplying the installment by the loan term.

If the time of the stipulated loan payment elapses before completion due to unavoidedable circumstances, what happens?
We advise you to contact us and the loan is restructured before the situation is out of order.

For how long can I take the loan?
We have got two products, the salary loans which has maximum period of 3- 24months and business loan which ranges from 1-6 months.

If I cannot come to your office and pick the money and yet I filled forms and the loan was approved, can you bank it for me?
Yes, you provide us with your bank details where you want the money to be put.

Do you accept clients sent on Referrals?
Yes, because these are the people you inform directly and who will take loans from PLC investments Limited right after you.

Can I refer members of my family/household?
Yes, you can but they should have their supporting documents and necessary security/ collateral for the loans applied for.

How will I know that the people I referred have been served?
We will call you before giving out the loan to confirm whether you know the person.

What do I need to access a loan facility?
Depending on the facility, please check on our product and services offered for more details.

Can I access your office on Saturday or what are your working hours?
Yes. On Saturday we open from 9:00am -2:00pm then Monday –Friday from 8:00am -5:00pm and you can also call and make an arrangement with our staff to be served.